Monday, August 31st: Teacher Workshop Day 

Tuesday, September 1st: Teacher Workshop Day

Wednesday, September 2nd: Orientation Day 

Thursday, September 3rd: First Day of School

Classwork: Course expectations, syllabus
Homework: Summer 2015 assignment due Tuesday, September 8th (see below). 

Friday, September 4th: 
Classwork: Create presentation schedule. Current Events quiz. 
Homework: Summer 2015 assignment due Tuesday, September 8th. 
*Note: We will be moving to Google Classroom (Course Code: hocqqio).  In the meantime, please have this assignment for class Tuesday, 9/8.  

Assignment: This isn't a "what I did on my summer vacation" assignment. Rather, this is an opportunity to highlight what you feel are the three most significant events that happened over the Summer of 2015.  You may include international, national or local events on your list. 

For each event, provide: 
  • Location
  • Date (if possible, some stories/events are ongoing) 
  • Person, people or interest groups involved
  • What happened
  • Why is this a topic you chose to discuss? In other words, why is it important?