August 29, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Absences:

            Juniors – Emilie

            Seniors – Grant, Savannah, Ryan, Meghan, Gigi

            Underclassmen – meeting Tuesday, September 3rd.


*Attendance Policy Reminder*

Grand council: 4 missed meetings = email warning, 5 missed meetings = face to face talk, 6 missed meetings = no longer apart of student council


Goals for the year (continued from last year) – TECH GOAL

·         Technology as a whole in our school is not where it should be

·         Mr. Raymond – doubled bandwidth over the summer

·         Teacher/school goal was updated to help students prepare themselves for the 21st century

·         Some ideas to help ease technology problems

o   Common drive to access at home and at school

o   Enforce Google docs – easy to access, easy to use

·         Define what is 21st century skills… think about it for next meeting…

o   Mrs. Heaton has some ideas


·         We need to write out what we want as an ultimate technology goal BY October 3rd meeting!

·         Once we define what we want, then we will try to create a survey to parents/teachers/students about the technology at HBHS

·         To get there:

o   Class of 2014 – Ask Mrs. Plummer about good survey questions

o   Class of 2015 – Contact kids who have either graduated college/are in college and in the work force what technology tools did they wish they had before college/work? Business skills, personal skills?

·         Side notes: possibly a web etiquette class during cavblock? Class on how to properly communicate through work/college admissions, public speaking course, sexual harassment class during cavblock?

Other goal for this year: Everyone needs to work on being more prepared for meetings; that means following through with student council “homework”. There is no consequence yet if you don’t come prepared, but YOU chose to be here so your responsibility should show that! (:

Old Home Day: All classes got there paperwork in = all set!


·         Homecoming weekend is the same weekend as OHD; Friday Sept. 20, Saturday Sept. 21

·         Homecoming dance will NOT be Saturday the 21st. Instead it will be Friday October 4th!

·         Possibly a homecoming assembly – will talk about at presidents meeting

·         Saturday the 21st – Idea of a bonfire on school grounds and then people can watch OHD fireworks at the bonfire event

·         Maybe make a big fire picture in school windows to count down and get everyone excited for the fire event

·         Seniors will talk to Rupp about this idea of a fire


·         October 5th!

·         Each class will pick a theme for their station

·         Maybe all the money can go towards a new speaker system in the gym?


·         Class of 2014 passed down HB Idol to class of 2015

·         School board update next meeting

·         Bring back boxtops! Boxtop competition during spirit week?