Monday, October 12th: Columbus Day ~ No School 

Tuesday, October 13th: 
Classwork: Period 2:  Begin Presentations. Period 5: Death of Lincoln: class notes and reading.  
Homework: Periods 3,5,7: Complete projects for next block. 

Wednesday, October 14th: PSATs - no period 2 and 3
Classwork: Period 7: Death of Lincoln - class notes and reading. 
Homework: No homework. 

Thursday, October 15th: 
Classwork: Period 3,5,7: Begin Presentations  
Homework: No homework. 

Friday, October 16th: 
Classwork: Periods 2,3,5,7: Complete Presentations. 
Homework: Homework for periods 2 and 3: Reading and questions on the death of Lincoln. Due Monday 10/19.