This resource list is not meant to be exhaustive. If you find a site that you think will benefit the class, please share it with us. 

  • Google Classroom: allows us to share ideas through online discussion, post announcements and access assignments that can be submitted online through Google Docs. Check out this video for more info. 
  • allows us to writing assignments, give peer and instructor feedback and check for originality in writing assignments. 
  • Gmail: perhaps the most comprehensive tool for learning. Gmail grants a huge amount of online storage as well as access to Google Docs, Presentations, Forms and other invaluable online tools. 
  • Remind allows teachers to safely text students updates and announcements without teachers and students having access to each others' phone numbers.  Quick announcements regarding changes in schedules, posting of new information online, reminders to bring specific materials to class etc... can all be sent through 

*NOTE: all services listed are free. With standard messaging rates apply. Participation in is optional.                                                         



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