onday, June 9th: 

Classwork: Library to work on Final Projects
Continue to work on 
Final Projects,  due June 13th. Current Events for Friday. 

Tuesday, June 10th
Classwork: Period 1,4,6: Time to work on Final Projects,  due June 13th. 
 Current Events for Friday. 

Wednesday, June 11th: 
Classwork: Periods 4,6:  Time to work on finals. 
Homework: Current events and Final Projects for Friday. 

Thursday, June 12th
  Time to work on finals.  
 Current events and Final Projects for tomorrow. 
Submit to turnitin

Period 1: Class ID: 8058309
Password: hbhsworld1

Period 4: Class ID: 8058314
Password: hbhsworld4

Period 6: Class ID: 8058320
Password: hbhsworld6

Friday, June 13th

Classwork: FINAL PROJECTS DUE. Current Events. 
Homework: Prep for final discussion next week.