Map distorted to show population.
Monday, September 2nd:  No School ~ Labor Day

Tuesday, September 3rd:

Classwork: Periods 1,4,6:  Class discussion: Demographics. Class notes and time to work on demography unit vocabulary and Middle East and Africa maps.  Directions for Current Events.
Homework: Maps due Friday, 9-6. Current Events for Friday, 9-6. Vocab due Monday, September 9th

Wednesday, September 4th:

Classwork: Periods 4,6:  Class notes on demography. Time to work on maps and vocab.  
Homework: Maps due Friday, 9-7. Current Events for Friday, 9-7. Vocab due Monday, September 9th

Current Events directions: Choose a topic to discuss. Avoid sports/entertainment news.  Write a paragraph summary of the topic and another paragraph describing your thoughts on the topic.  Cite your source. 

Thursday, September 5th:
Classwork: Periods 1,4: Class notes on demography. Time to work on maps and vocab. 
Homework: Maps due tomorrow, 9-6. Current Events for tomorrow, 9-6. Monday, September 9th

Friday, September 6th:
Classwork: Maps due.  Current events due and current events discussion.
Homework: Complete Demography unit vocabulary