Please note:  not all films listed below may be shown, and some may only be shown in part.  Please contact Mrs. Given with any questions or concerns. 

Students will also view regular news segments and programming from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, PBS and other media outlets, as well as various periodicals, such as magazine and online sources. These sources are designed to keep students informed of current developments in politics and the government.

The instructional materials used at Hollis Brookline High School represent a broad range of knowledge, viewpoints, and experiences as well as a diversity of religious, ethnic, and cultural groups.  Materials support curricular goals, stimulate academic growth, and provide students an opportunity to practice critical analysis while developing the ability to make intelligent judgments in their daily lives.  We recognize that at times students and parents may object to some instructional material.  If a parent wishes to have their student exempt from the use of any material, such as a video or novel utilized in a class, they must notify the teacher within the first ten days of the course. It is strongly encouraged that the parent and student meet with the teacher to discuss the alternative material and/or any alternative assignments that coincide with the change in material.

If you have questions about the selection of course materials, please review the HBHS Cooperative School Board Policy IIA Instructional and Library Media Materials which can be found here.

Films and Texts: 

Geography: Five Themes of Geography ~ National Geographic Society

Inside North Korea (2005)~ National Geographic Channel. Documentary

Inside the Vatican (2001) – National Geographic Channel. Documentary 

Inside Mecca (2003) – National Geographic Channel, Documentary 

Secrets of Jerusalem’s Holiest Sites (2006) – National Geographic Channel. Documentary

Guns, Germs & Steel (2005) – History Channel. Documentary

Africa Series: Episode 1 - Savannah Homecoming – National Geographic Channel, Documentary

Hotel Rwanda (2004) PG-13 

Lost Boys of Sudan (2003). A film by Megan Mylan & Jon Shenk ~ Point of View (Documentary). 

Discovery Atlas: China Revealed ~ National Geographic Channel.  

Discovery Atlas: India Revealed ~ National Geographic Channel.  

Discovery Atlas: Mexico Revealed ~ National Geographic Channel.  

Engineering an Empire: China ~ A&E

Hotel Rwanda (2004) PG-13

World in the Balance: The Population Paradox (2004). NOVA

Renewable Energy (2008). A&E

Last Voyage of the Lusitania (1994) – National Geographic Channel: Documentary 

Immigration on Main Street. NOW PBS

Seven Years in Tibet (1997). PG-13. 

Gandhi (1982) PG

Triumph Of the Will (1935) Documentary

The Dark Ages (2007) The History Channel. Documentary 

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